Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things Kathryn Does That Make Me Smile!

Some days it is easy to get discouraged.  Then I take a moment to remember all the things that Kathryn does that make me smile!

She turns the bathroom rugs upside down because she doesn’t like to step on the soft side.

She often hides clothes that she knows she wants to wear in the next couple of days.  I think she wants to make sure they are not in the wash when she is ready to wear them.
She loves to sleeps in her coat and boots.  One time her boots were dirty and I had to wash them up.  I wouldn’t let her wear them to bed because they were still too wet.  When I checked on her after she had gone to bed, I discovered she had put my boots on to sleep in.

When she gets dressed, she pulls up her underwear/pull-up and pants only to the bottom of her rear, gets completely dressed (including boots and coat), then pulls them up the rest of the way.

She likes to have me bounce a ball with her back turned to me so she can hear the “music” it makes.  She nods her head to the rhythm and says “music” in the sweetest in-awe-of voice.

When she is mad at her brother, she comes and gets me, takes my hand and leads me to him.  She stands me in front of him, making sure I am facing him, and then just stands there with her hands on her hips.

She wakes up laughing, sometimes hysterically, for reasons only she is aware of.  She will sometimes lie in bed and laugh for five to ten minutes.  Sometimes she will do the same thing in the car, just randomly.  That girl must have some dang funny thoughts going thru her head.

She likes to “drum” with pencils on different surfaces.  Her favorite is to set up the remote control upside-down, a lotion bottle on its side and a can of cat food.  She will set them up on my bed and tap each one gently to listen to the sound they make.  Always in perfect rhythm to the song on the TV or radio, or sometimes just the song in her head.

When I walk into her classroom at school, she gets so excited.  She skips around the room making happy noises, then runs over to me and takes my hand.   I love the big smile on her face.

She makes sure every door in the house is closed.  At all times!

Some mornings I will hear the back door open and close at a very early hour (5ish).  I will look out my window and see her swinging on her swing in the back yard in her pajamas.

She waits until the last minute and then wiggles and dances while she tries to get her coat off and pants down.  She walks in a circle while she does it. 

When she is going to do something she knows she shouldn't do, she says: “Turn around.”  Or “Turn over.”  As if that’s not going to make me curious.  


  1. Awww, precious! Thanks for sharing these sweet gems of Kathryn's life with us:)