Monday, August 16, 2010

Purple Noodles, Brown Bridge and a Schwan Man Named Jason

Purple Noodles, Brown Bridge and a Schwan Man Named Jason

Communication is such an interesting concept. Imagine having just a fraction of the words in your vocabulary to use. Imagine being super smart, but the average person can’t understand what you’re saying. That’s my Katie-Bean!

She kept telling me over and over what she wanted for dinner, but I just couldn’t understand. Finally she was repeating over and over: “Purple Noodles, purple noodles”. Racking my brain, what are purple noodles? Duh, Panda Express. The building is purple. She loves their noodles. Once I asked her if she wanted Panda Express, she was so happy that I understood.

We went to my parents’ house this past weekend. Kathryn was so excited to see Grandma Sheldon and Teacher Pop. She was getting squirmy and a bit whiney the closer we got and kept telling me “Bridge”. I knew that she knew we had to cross the Columbia River on the Biggs Bridge. Once we past The Dalles Bridge, I told her it was the next bridge. Well, silly mommy, I forgot about a train trussle bridge. When we came around the corner and she saw that bridge, she started freaking out saying “No white bridge, brown bridge!”. OK… the train trussle bridge is white, that would be just too weird if the Biggs Bridge is brown. Guess what, she remembered that it was brown. Did I mention the last time we saw the bridge was in November, nine months ago?

Every two weeks, the Schwan Man stops by; sometimes we order, sometimes we don’t. Last month we got a new Schwan Man, he stopped by and introduced himself. Two weeks later when he stopped by again, I had to ask him his name again. Before he could say anything, Kathryn chimes in with “Jason”. We both just looked at her.

Every day she amazes me with her ability to make me understand what she wants using just a few words and a lot of association. One more quick example: we were at a baseball game and she wanted to use the black toilet (don’t ask). I didn’t understand what she was saying so she ran over to a lady watching another game and pulled on her BLACK t-shirt and then showed me her diaper. OK… black toilet.

I just hope that someday, I can be as smart as my Katie-Bean!!!


  1. Cute Kathryn. Hope you guys are doing well! Love you tons.

  2. Wow, Kristi, what a great Mom you are to be able to understand and appreciate Kathryn's great qualities. She's simply precious. I wish we could see more of you all. Loves!