Tuesday, July 14, 2009


OK, so at the end of this post you are going to say to yourself: that was way too much information.

Kathryn is smart. She may say few words spontaneously, but behind those big brown eyes, there is a brain that is ALWAYS working! She has a strange sense of ‘if this, then that’. Example: When I walk in the door, I don’t get a “hi Mom”, I get “Bra off, bra off, bra off.” “Change shirt, bra off!” A bit strange? Not at all. You see, Kathryn notices many things: she notices if you put the jelly on the bread before the peanut butter (you’ll only make that mistake once). She notices if you are using the wrong pillow on your side of the bed (and she will rip it out from under your head to correct it). She notices if you skip a page when reading Dr. Seuss to her (at which point you have to start over). But what Kathryn notices the most is that mommy will never, ever leave the house without a bra on. I may go out with no makeup, even with no shoes, but will never go out with no bra. It is common for her to sporadically look under my shirt to make sure I didn’t put one on when she wasn’t looking. It’s just her way of telling me that she loves me and wants me to stay home with her.



  1. Hey Kristi,
    That is just like me and my kids they say, "daddy pants and shirt off".