Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kristi Learns To Blog (aka. I Want To Be Like Malena)

Step one… what is a blog? I heard it, used it, but wasn’t quite sure.
A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Growing up, my mom kept a book of all the cute or funny things we said or did. She also recorded our accomplishments (ie. “Kristi tied her shoe today by herself.”). I was so excited to do the same for my kids. I had a small journal-type book and wrote down all the stuff my son said and did. We look back on it a laugh until we …

Then I had child number two. The memorable moments changed. I keep thinking about what I should be writing in my little book. For the past seven years I have just thought about it, but have written nothing. I didn’t know what to write. “Today, Kathryn – age 4 – learned how to ask for a pretzel.” “Kathryn – age 7 – can tell me if her diaper is wet or dry with 75% accuracy.” Sounds kind of lame on paper, but then I realized: WOW, Kathryn can tell me if her diaper is wet or dry! It’s a glass half empty/half full kind of thing.

This blog is to help remind me of those little things and how great they truly are. Hopefully, it will also help anyone who reads it realize that no one and nothing should be taken for grand it. Next time your little one talks back to you, remind yourself to be proud that you taught him/her how to articulate so well. Be thankful that he/she can talk.


  1. yay! I'm happy you have a blog. And flattered that you'd want to make one after reading mine. miss you lots!! xoxo

  2. Awesome Kristi, This is a great idea. You're so right, it always is good to look at the things that are right with the world.
    Love ya,

  3. Awesome Kristi! I love it that you're looking at what's RIGHT with the world, and looking for the small, good things that are joyous. Love ya,

  4. Welcome to blogging! I'm sure you'll love it. I am on the Autism list too. My blog is at

  5. I'm excited you have a blog!! :) I saw your post on the family website... Can't wait to see you at the reunion! Love Jessie